A Proselyting Exchange, a Day of Tender Mercies, and New Investigators with New Potential

Elder Itri and I and the sunset over Suseong Lake.
Daegu Zone at Zone Conference a few weeks ago
샤브샤브 buffet!
Today on P-day we went out with the Bishop to eat a traditional Korean food called 보신탕.  I havent been able to eat it so far on my mission so the bishop said that he would treat us to it.  Let’s just say that it is a food that might not go over very well in America, but if you don’t think about it, it is actually super delicious and super healthy for you.  I’ll let you google it to find out exactly what it is…
Elder Dobbins and I in front of the 보신탕 restaurant!
It was a great week of lots of little coincidences and small tender mercies along the way!

The week started off with an exchange with the 상인A team elders where I was able to serve with Elder Itri back here in my area, 수성.  We had a really great exchange.  The day started out kind of disappointing with a couple of cancelled appointments and a lot of rain, but we decided to head out with our umbrellas, proselyte, and make the best of it.  It turned out to be a day with really soaked clothes and feet and almost 7 hours walking the streets, sharing the gospel, but one of the best and most productive days of proselyting I’ve had.  We had lots of little miracles along the way as well.  We ran into an old investigator who took us out to dinner and were able to teach him a lesson.  We also met lots of prepared people, gave out a bunch of Book of Mormons, and taught 8 lessons in one day.  It was probably one of the busiest days we’ve had in a while.  It really just goes to show that even though things arent easy, when we go out an put in our best the Lord amplifies our efforts.  In the evening we decided to walk to a large lake/park in our area and try to proselyte to the people there and it turned out really great.   We went to an area called 수성못 (Suseong Lake) and ended up getting there just as the sun was setting.  We walked the lake, admired all the beauty, and talked to a ton of different people and even got some phone numbers of people to meet again.  I particularly remember standing on a dock a little into the lake looking at the sunset on the lake and talking to an old man and testifying to him that God lives and he created the beauty that we see everyday.  It is a pretty great opportunity to be a missionary and share these truths with people every day.

On Wednsday we attended district meetin in 상인, and restarted our english class in the evening.  We were suprised with a really high turn out of people.  On thursday we began the day with only one appointment with a recent convert for lunch, but it turned into a super productive day as well.  After our lunch appointment we got a call from a potential investigator saying he wanted to meet and talk with us at a bakery.  We went to meet him, then headed downtown to do some english class sticker boarding with the B team.  On our way home from there we met up with a less active member who hadnt been out to church in a few weeks who invited us out to dinner and we were able to go and talk to him.  After that we got a call from another less active who said he was near the church and wanted to meet and talk with us, so we went to the church and had a lesson with him as well.  What started out as a day with not going on, we spent the day running around busy from start to finish.  Definetly a tender mercy for the week.

Sadly we were not able to meet with a few of our investigators we hoped to, but we were pleased to find some new ones!  On Sunday we had 2 investigators come out to church that we were able to meet with and teach including a new referall we received from another team that serves in our zone.  It is exciting to be finding new people with lots of new potential.

All in all it was another great week.  I love being here in Korea and I love this work!


Elder Lees


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