More Lessons, Zone Training Meeting, and the Power of Invitation

Hello Hello!

Elder No and I and the B team on the way to Busan.  When you ride the train in Korea you can flip the seats around so they face each other.  Elder No was a little sleepy.DSC03840.JPG
Yep.  The name of our apartment.  Is Winners.  pretty fitting huh?
Us with the Millers kids after a visit for dinner on Sunday at their home on the military base.DSC03833.JPG
Me and our investigator Mr. Park. DSC03813.JPG
Well it has been another great week here in Daegu.  The weather is starting to warm up to where I can realize why they call it one of the hottest parts of Korea!  The country is beautifully green and it is a great time to be a missionary.  It is crazy to think about just how fast the time is flying, this last week seemed to go by like it was nothing.
Elder No and I had a great week that was really productive.  It was a great week of meeting investigators and teaching lots of lessons.  We probably taught the most lessons we have in a while.  While more toward the beginning of our service together here we spent hours and hours proselyting on the streets, while we still find lots of time to proselyte, we have built up to where we have several people we are meeting with.
One of our investigators, who we met a few weeks ago and that I wrote about last week, came to church again yesterday and we were able to have a really great lesson.  As we explained to him of the restoration and plan of salvation, we could really see it start to click with him and the spirit was really tangible.  He needs to work more to read the Book of Mormon and pray on his own but I really feel like he is on the right track.  It is cool how the truths we teach as missionaries are things that I have known from my youth, but are still so amazingly simple and profound.  Every time I teach the restoration it feels like I am learning more than the investigator.  We are really blessed to have living prophets and knowledge of God’s plan and love for us.
This week Elder No and I also had our Zone Training Meeting where we worked with the missionaries in our zone and taught about the importance of invitations and the role of the spirit in conversion.  I had the opportunity to teach a practice session to the missionaries about inviting people to be baptized in the first lesson, and even when we first meet people out on the streets.  Kind of a crazy concept huh?  But it is something President Barrow has been focusing on recently, and as I have gone out to do it, I have seen great results.  I was able to give a talk in church on Sunday about missionary work, where I was able to share more of my thoughts on inviting.  As missionaries, our job is really just to teach clearly, bring the spirit, and invite others to act.  Everyone has their agency and has to exercise faith on their own in order to be converted.  All we can do is be worthy vessels of that spirit and aid that process.  And the baptismal invitation is the same.  Our purpose here in Korea is to invite and help others come unto Christ, and the people meet have to know that.
As part of my talk I shared this scripture from Matthew 4 and think it is a good example of what we must do as missionaries.
18 And Jesus, walking by the sea of Galilee, saw two brethren, Simon called Peter, and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the sea: for they were fishers
 19 And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.
 20 And they straightway left their nets, and followed him.
Jesus Christ was the master inviter, but if you look here, the invitation he made was simple and clear “follow me.”  It was that Peter and Andrew that were prepared to receive it and used their agency to follow.  Our responsibility as missionaries and also members as member missionaries is to invite, and when people are prepared, they will follow.
I am looking forward to another great week and hope that you have one too!
Elder Lees

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