A Prepared New Investigator and the 수성 (Suseong) Ward Camping Trip



One of our investigators, 한재영 형제님, and I on top of 칠곡보 (a large dam) during the scavenger hunt.



The chill camping lifeDSC03796.JPG

We headed down to Busan for a Mission Leadership Council Meeting on Friday, but on the way back there were no seats on the train.  I got to spend the hour and a half ride on the floor.  Surprisingly not bad.
A bad picture of the board of missionaries in the Mission Office.  The scary part is that’s me up in the top left…
Well it has been a great first week of the transfer!  It was nice because Elder No and I didn’t have any changes in our companionship or area and were able to just keep moving forward.  It has also been really cool to see all the new missionaries coming into the Zone and all the progress that come from new companions and new areas.  Sometimes it seems crazy how often missionaries move and change situations, but it really seems inspired.  There is something about trying something new and being put out of your comfort zone that really causes you to grow and learn.
Elder No and I were really blessed with a busy week of meeting investigators.  I suppose the biggest miracle was finding a new investigator, 동동철 형제님 (Brother Dong), a man we met out proselyting on the streets a few weeks ago.  He was a man Elder No and Elder Jung met when I was away on exchanges and they were out proselyting on the street.  The saw him as he was attaching advertisements out on the street and struck up a conversation about church.  He expressed interest, agreed to meet later, and they got his phone number.  Last week we contacted him and set up an appointment but were disappointed when he didnt show up.  However, a few days ago on Saturday we made a second appointment, met him at the subway station and walked together to the church for a lesson.  We had a great discussion.  He expressed to us that he originally had no religious background, but found God and started attending 하나님의 교회 (another Korean church) found a lot of help, and even became a 전도사 (proselytor/missionary) for that church.  He did that for a long time but eventually got fed up with how commercialized Korean churches have become, how much they require monetary donations of their members, and had some deep questions about life after death that he hadn’t been able to find answers to.  We had a great lesson where we taught about the restoration, the Book of Mormon, and our churches confidential system of tithing and unpaid clergy.  He listened intently, asked great questions, agreed to read the Book of Mormon and pray, and be baptized when he finds that it is the truth.  We even informed him of church meeting the next day and he said he wanted to come and check it out.  He showed up the next day, stayed for all 3 hours of the meeting, and we had another lesson with him and our ward mission leader about the plan of salvation.  It was really cool to see that our daily proselyting and hard work does pay off and that there are people who are prepared, need, and are searching for the restored truths we share.  We are excited to see where our next lesson with him will take us.
We met with our other few investigators, including brother 윤, a college student who we are preparing for baptism in the end of the month, and things are going well.  He still seems unsure, but is continuing to meet with us and we are helping him to read and pray and come to find the truth for himself.
Another special part of the week was our Ward’s youth Camping trip.  The young men planned to go our camping, and then the young women also decided to come, and the primary, and basically the whole ward.  The bishop and youth leaders tried to make it a good missionary activity and encouraged everyone to invite their friends and almost 15 non members ended up attending.  Of course we were not able to go and sleep over, but us 6 missionaries who serve here in Suseong got permission from President Barrow, rode a taxi at 7am to the Daegu train station, caught a train to 왜관 (Waegwan) – a small rural town outside of Daegu, where our ward mission leader picked us up and brought us to participate in the activity in the morning.  It was great.  We ate a bunch of barbecued meat for breakfast and participated in a large scavenger hunt for all the youth split into groups.  2 less active boys and their 2 friends (who we have been meeting on and off for lessons these last few weeks) both came out and we were able to spend the morning getting closer to them.  It was super effective.  It turned into a fun day out in a pretty part of Korea next to a large river and dam, a time to get closer to the members, and also meet lots of new potential investigators.  I think it is great to find fun and also effective new ways to do missionary work.
All in all life is good here.  The weather in Daegu is starting to eat up, but a great last transfer is just starting to begin!  My time is beginning to start to wind down on my mission, but I am loving every last second and wouldn’t trade it for anything.  This is really where I am supposed to be.  This is really the Lord’s work.
리스 장로

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