The Weekly Play by Play


Eating 돈까스 on Saturday night.  We went to that restaurant because we heard a less active works there, but weren’t able to find him.
Dinner with Elder Snyder in Gumi between a day of proselyting
Playing traditional Korean games with the Elderly at a nursing home in 안동 Andong.  DSC03729.JPG
Engraving at a temple in the mountains from our hike
After a long hike at the top of a misty 팔공산 Palgong mountain
Well I was thinking about what to write for my email this week and realize that I pretty much write the same email every week.  So this time I am going to shake things up and write about things from a daily perspective.
Monday was P-day and we ended up going hiking at 팔공 (Palgong) mountain with two of the younger members from the military branch, Kahoi and Kekama who are originally from Hawaii.  We planned to meet with a potential investigator in the evening but because we couldn’t get in contact with him spent the evening street proselyting in the downtown part of Daegu called Banwoldang
We started the day with our morning studies and headed out a little bit early to catch a bus to 안동 Andong (one of my old areas) for an exchange with Elder Powell, one of the district leaders in our zone, and Elder Dickman his companion.  Andong is way out there so we didn’t get in until about 12:30, we all ate lunch together at the bus terminal, and then Elder No and Elder Dickman headed back to Suseong while I started my exchange with Elder Powell in Andong.
We caught a city bus over to the Andong Hospital and proselyted really hard on the way there.  We met a few really good contacts and gave out a few copies of the Book of Mormon.  We met the Andong sister missionaries and were picked up by a member and taken to their service project at the member’s nursing home.  We spent a few hours talking to and playing traditional Korean games with the elderly people there.  The member then drove us to the church and we shared a great message with him about conference and how to gain personal revelation.  We met with the sisters for a bit to plan a branch Family History Meeting they are planning, did a little bit of proselyting around the church, and then had their weekly English Bible Study Class.  The Class was great, we used the Old Testament Stories book in English and learned about Abraham and obedience.  After the class we met one of their investigators, Hamed, an Egyptian man who we committed to come to church the up coming Sunday. We returned back, planned, and ordered delivery chicken and went to bed
We woke up, did personal and companion study and then headed out to the Andong terminal to catch a bus to 구미 Gumi (another area in Elder Powell’s district) for another exchange.  We got into Gumi, ate a quick lunch, and then traveled over to the train station where we reunited with Elder No and Elder Dickman and also the Gumi elders, Elder Roper and Elder Snyder.  Elder Dickman and Powell returned back to Andong, Elder No and Elder Roper went back to Suseong, and I stayed in Gumi with Elder Snyder.  Elder Snyder and I had a great exchange.  We spent almost the whole day proselyting because they don’t have many investigators but were able to give away 5 copies of the Book of Mormon and teach 4 lessons and get 4 contacts.  We proselyted around the Gumi train station in the downtown for a few hours, ate dinner out at a good cheap Korean restaurant, and then traveled to another busy part of town to proselyte in the evening.  It was a long day of walking around and talking, but it was really productive and successful.  Elder Snyder is only a few weeks into his mission, but he is doing super well. We learned a lot!
We did our studies and then went over to the Gumi church where we were met by Elder Roper and Elder No.  Elder No and I reunited and caught a train back to Daegu.  We got back around lunch time, ate with the B team, and headed out together to do some proselyting for our English class downtown.  We used a sticker board and some pamphlets that our ward had made and were able to talk to a lot of people.  We got about 10 contacts of interested people and 2 of them actually ended up coming out to English class that Sunday!  We ate dinner and then in the evening Elder No and I did some more proselyting but this time interspersed with 2 short member visits.  We were able to meet two separate sisters (sadly their husbands weren’t home) and talked and shared short messages with them about Easter and the church Hallelujah video.  We invited them to share the video with their friends.
Friday morning was interview day with President Barrow.  President Barrow comes and interviews all the missionaries every few transfers and Friday was the day for our district.  We headed over early to unlock the church and then did our studies in another room while we waited for our turn.  We had great interviews.  We went home and grabbed a quick lunch and then did our weekly planning.  We had 2 appointments, one with a recent convert and another with a less active, which both ended up canceling as well. So we decided to spend some time catching up with potential investigators, calling old contacts, and going through our area book to call former investigators.  We also called all our English class contacts and invited them to class the next day.
We did our studies, did our service project where we go to the home of a disabled man and lift him into his wheelchair, met a member for lunch and shared a message, and had English class at the church.  English class was great with 2 new people coming out who seem interested in the class and also said they really liked our spiritual message.  We are hoping to meet them within the next week.  We had an appointment to meet with our high school student investigator at a cafe and teach him, but he canceled and said that his mom wouldn’t let him go at the last second.  It was a wet night, but we set out proselyting and actually had a really effective night of it.  It was pretty wet and miserable, but we met 3 really great people who we shared copies of the  Book of Mormon with and got their contacts.  We went home at 9, planned, and invited everyone to church.
We headed right out at 8, cleaned up the church a little bit, and then greeted the members as they came in for church at 9:30.  Sunday is our day of 6 hours of church.  We did the american branch from 9:30 to 12:30 and then the Korean ward from 1 to 4.  Sadly the investigator who agreed to come didn’t make it, but the meetings were great.  We learned all about the temple, priesthood organizations, missionary work, and a lot more.  Our investigator showed up at 4 and we headed over to the Dustin’s, a senior missionary couple who work with the military branch’s house to eat dinner and do a lesson with our investigator.  The dinner was delicious, and we had a good lesson.  We taught the gospel of Jesus Christ and invited him to be baptized and set a date for next month.  He was a referral from the missionaries in the neighboring area, who actually lives in our area.  He is a college student studying Japanese and although he doesn’t have a real religious background is really open and has lots of questions.  He brought his atheist friend with him as well, which made the lesson rather interesting, but it was surprisingly good.  In the evening we called a few less actives and tried to visit a few the bishop suggested that lived near by but weren’t able to meet any of them.  We ended the evening by collecting, recording, and reporting all of our zone’s key indicators.
All in all, a kind of slow, but good week!  We had a few good lessons, a great interview, and 2 great exchanges!
I will end with a scripture that has been on my mind, D&C 136: 32-33
32 Let him that is ignorant learn wisdom by humbling himself and calling upon the Lord his God, that his eyes may be opened that he may see, and his ears opened that he may hear;
33 For my Spirit is sent forth into the world to enlighten the humble and contrite, and to the condemnation of the ungodly.
I found these scriptures when we joined temple prep class with a few less actives on Sunday.  I really like how they teach that we need to be humble to learn and that through preparing we can receive more revelation.
I hope you all had a great week!  I am looking forward to another good one to come!
Elder Lees

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