Zone Proselyting, Exchnages, SPM, MLCM, and New Investigators

(March 7, 2016)


Elder Glover (Suseong B team who lives in our house) and I at a really expensive buffet for P-Day todayDSC03540.JPG

In addition to just us teaching English class in our ward to find investigators the members also teach Japanese, guitar, and a unicycle class.  We had to have a little fun on the unicyclesDSC03527.JPG

Elder Suttner and I on the longest escalator in DaeguDSCN0798.JPG

Picture after our downtown proselyting activity.DSCN0776.JPGDSCN0746.JPG


Spring has officially come to Daegu Korea!  I write you this email from the Suseong Ward Family History Center with the window open to the bright sunny spring weather.  It is weird to think that I have been here in Daegu since the end of last Summer and it has already been 4 weeks here in Suseong with Elder Suttner.  Things and time are really flying by.
This week was really great.  Elder Suttner and I kept very busy, and were able to teach more lessons and find more investigators than the past week.  It was a large blessing.
We started out the week on Tuesday with a Zone Proselyting activity we put on.  We brought together 2 of our 3 districts (the other is too far away) in the downtown part of the city to all proselyte and work together to build everyone’s faith.  It took a lot of planning but turned out great.  The day was a holiday celebrating Korean Independence so there was lots of people downtown and we were able to give out over 60 Book of Mormon and dozens of other proselyting materials over just a few hours.  The giant rolling suitcase of materials was empty by the time we went home.  We planned the activity with 3 different rounds of proselyting where companions changed so that missionaries could learn and teach each other in little 40 minute proselyting exchanges.  We did combinations of senior and junior missionaries together, 2 junior missionaries together, and 2 senior missionaries together to shake things up.  We met up in different places downtown to change companions and prayed and read scriptures about faith between the rounds.  Elder Suttner and I started and ended the activity with short talks.  We saw a lot of success and were able to do a lot of good training.  It turned out really great.
Almost directly following the activity, we set off on exchanges.  My first exchange of the week was with Elder 석도현 (Suk Do Hyeon), the Korean Assistant.  We road the train back to Busan to their area surrounding the mission home and worked there for a day.  It was cool to be back in my old area and sleeping in my old house.  Elder Suk and I proselyted really hard, and we talked and he really taught me a lot.  The next day we caught another train back to Busan, met back up with Elder Suttner (who stayed back in Suseong with Elder Trentman), and went off to visit the Andong district meeting in Gumi.  We attended the meeting and then conducted exchanges with the Gumi elders where I served with Elder 장경진 (Jang Gyeong Jin) back in Suseong.  We proselyted a lot, did MCM, did English class, taught a less active member, and taught a new investigator who came out to english class and wondered about our church.  We were able to talk a lot and had a really good exchange.  The next day Elder Suttner and I met up back together and got back into the normal rythm of things.
On Thursday we had our SPM which is our weekly meeting with the stake presidency, President Barrow, and the assistants.  Elder Suttner and I presented our large report about the status of our zone and the units within the stake and what things needed to be adressed.  It was probably one of the best meetings we have done so far.  We presented information about the strengths and weaknesses of the different units and the need for more strengthening of the recent converts from the various bishops (callings, priesthood, temple, etc.) and the lack of a strong mission plan in many of the smaller branches.  I think the stake presidency really felt the need for some changes and put in some plans to address the issues we discussed.  It was really cool to see all of the different Priesthood keys and organizations come together and we are hoping for changes in this next month.
On Friday, we caught yet another train down to Busan for MLCM (Mission Leadership Council Meeting) with all the zone leaders and sister training leaders.  We discussed the progress of the mission and its key indicators, and planned for how to implement the new church easter video and initiative.  It was yet another great meeting.
Despite all of these meetings and things to do, Elder Suttner and I also had a great week within our old area.  We kept up our rigorous proselyting and over the course of the week, collected over 20 phone numbers of people we met as we talked on streets, buses, and subways.  Our group of potential investigators is getting quite large.  We must have talked to hundreds of people this last week.  We were especially blessed to find 2 great new investigators that Elder Suttner and Elder Trentman found when they simply gave a card to a group of people on the street. The man actually texted us back saying he felt something when he met us and wanted to meet us the next day at a cafe.  The appointment was amazing. The man attends the Presbyterian church and has probably the most in depth knowledge of the bible of any investigator I have met. I was afraid that he just wanted to bible bash with us and that he was really just a member of another church, but he listened really sincerely, was fascinated with the book of mormon, promised to read and pray about it and be baptized when he receives his answer. He could be one of the prepared investigators I have met yet.  He even brought his cousin with him that we taught together. We texted him to meet again and he said he wants to but he needs a few more days to truly pray about and read the Book of Mormon. We are planning to meet him with a member during the week. We are really excited about it. 
All in all, things have been busy, things have been productive, and the work has been great.  I truly love being a missionary.  Sometimes I feel like I am just running around from exchange to exchange, meeting to meeting, and lesson to lesson, but it has just proved to me how guided we are in this work and how much God knows, loves, and watches over all of us.  When some peiople hear about us serving a mission for 2 years and walking around the streets of a foreign country talking to random people and working tirelessly for our own money they cant believe it, but I wouldnt trade it for anything.   I invite you to get involved and enjoy the blessings of this work as well. 
Elder Lees 

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