The Gift of the Holy Ghost, a Great Church Tour, Answers to Questions of the Soul, and a Progressing Ward

(November 23, 2015)

The go to Elder Lees missionary meal.  Onion ham egg pasta.  Actually more delicious than it looks/soundsDSC03074.JPG
Making 김밥 for our Family Home Evening Activity.  DSC03054.JPG
Our great little apartment DSC02895.JPG
중리 집!
It has been another good week here in our slice of 대구 (Daegu) Korea in the 중리 (Jungri) ward!
Another big part of our week this week was with our investigator/recent convert Bryan and his confirmation yesterday and meeting him within the week for lessons.  We got a very surprising phone call on tuesday night where he said “hey Elders, I have moved to Seoul.”  We were caught totally off guard because although we had seen him the night before at family home evening, he had already moved across the country!  We spent the night rather confused and worried that he would not be able to return back for his confirmation on Sunday.  However after further conversation we learned that he had traveled to 서울 (Seoul) to take a job that another Uncle of his had offered him, but that upon his arrival did not work out.  After a few days of figuring things out, including the options of referring him to other missionaries, he ended up coming back to 대구 (Daegu) and we were able to have a good lesson and he was able to receive the gift of the holy ghost on Sunday.  It looks like our bishop found a good job for him in 대구 (Daegu) and we are excited that he will be able to stay close, attend church with his uncle, and continue to meet with us.
Other than with Bryan we continued to meet with a few of our other investigators and other than that spent a lot of time working to find new ones and visit less active members. One of the great blessings of the week was a good lesson Elder Stradling had with our investigator brother 박, who we have been meeting for quite some time.  He has been meeting with us for quite some time and really likes our church and has lots of interest in it.  We usually meet him at his coffeeshop but arranged with him this last week to meet at the church in the evening.  We took him on a tour of the building explaining the ordinances of the sacrament, the various meetings and programs that our church offers, and ended by showing him the baptismal font.  We sat in that room and talked about our need to follow Christ’s example and be baptized and he agreed to be baptized in the coming month!  He told us that he could feel the spirit so strongly in the church building and even shared that he wants to be baptized along with his wife and 2 sons.  He still has a way to go, especially considering that his wife and kids are not interested in the church, but it was really cool to see the power of the spirit in that lesson and his desire.
We also had a great lesson with another one of our investigators brother 최 where we talked all about the plan of salvation and the need for Jesus Christ.  He had so many deep questions for us and it was really cool to see how we could find the answers together through the Book of Mormon and the gospel.  It is one of my favorite things to meet and discuss things with investigators because they always have such a fresh perspective and great questions.  One of his biggest questions was if God really loved us wouldnt he want to live together with all of his children?  Wouldn’t he forgive his childrens sins and not sent them to the telestial kingdom if he really loved us.  We discussed the principle of justice and mercy, and the need for consequences in this life to fulfill our earthly purpose.  We shared that it is because God loves us and wants to live with us that he sent his son Jesus Christ to save us.  We shared Alma 42 with him and invited him to read and pray about it.  It was so cool to hear a good question I had never thought about, be able to answer it through the spirit, and find the doctrine within the Book of Mormon.  This gospel really is true.
Although we have not been able to find a lot of new investigators recently it has been a great blessing to see lots of progress working with less active members.  Starting a few months ago, we have starting going out and visiting less actives every Sunday after church is done with our high Priest Group Leader, brother Jung.  He grew up in this ward and is the former bishop here and consequently knows a large number of the members that are here.  When we do not have lessons with investigators or meetings we have been going out consistently together and seeing great results.  Not only is it faster, more comfortable, and cheaper to drive in his car with the navigation system than us going alone on foot/by bus, but it is far more effective because he knows exactly who we need to meet and has a relationship with the people that can help to get us in the door. So far through our consistent visits and efforts we have already reactivated about 5 people and made contact with much more.  This past Sunday after sacrament meeting our ward leaders told us that when we set up for sacrament meeting we will need to add another row of chairs to fit everyone.  It is really exciting to see so much progress and work together to see great results.  It really makes me think about just how successful the members and missionaries can be when we work together.
Well all is well here.  Elder Stradling and I are healthy and happy and seeing God’s influence in our lives.  Although there are some days where all our appointments fall through and we end up wandering in the rain trying to find a less active’s house who ends up not to be there, there are also days where on the way to a lesson with an investigator we run into the exact member who we were trying to invite to come with us and are able to go and teach together.  I have come to see through small and simple things that God is with us and is guiding us.  He loves us.  He sent his son to save us.  We are here for a purpose.  I am serving as a missionary to share those truths.
Have a great, warm, and happy week!  Have a happy thanksgiving!  Eat lots of Turkey for me!
Elder Lees

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