Snow, Member Missionary Work, and Recent Convert Miracles

(February 1, 2016)


You probably cant see very well but this is a picture of me eating 번데기 – small insect larva that we ate for a side dish when our ward mission leader took us out to eat.  It was honestly not super good, but if you don’t think about what it is, surprisingly okay.
Snow in Daegu!
Well it has continued on with another cold week here in Daegu!  About half way through the week Elder Finch and I woke up and looked out our window to see that everything was covered in snow!  It doesnt get much snow here in Daegu normally, but this week we got a few inches, which stayed around for a few days.  A lot of the snow turned into rain, which then later froze and made for some very slippery walking around.  I have to say it wasn’t quite as exciting to see snow, because as a missionary it only really means that it is harder to get around and less people are out to talk/meet with, but it was nice to experience winter for real!
Other than that things this week were rather normal.  We continued to meet with our investigators, the ward members, and our 2 recent converts Bryan and Brother Jung.  Our soccer activity was cancelled because of the snow, but we taught English class, went to our service projects, and only fell down a few times on the slippery sidewalks in the process of running around in between them.
One of the biggest things of the week was a Member Missionary Work Workshop that us and the sister missionaries planned and carried out for the ward this last Sunday.  Instead of splitting off into individual classes, the whole ward met together and we taught and discussed about how we can work together more to bring souls unto Christ.  Our Ward Mission Leader and one of the counselors in the bishop spoke, us 4 missionaries put on a few funny role plays about the Do Not’s of member missionary work (including 2 really awkward scenarios – the first about missionaries asking for referrals, and the second about greeting investigators when they come to Church), Elder Finch spoke about the motives and blessings of missionary work, Sister Lee spoke about how we can do missionary work (using The Power of Everyday Missionaries Book), and I led a teaching practice with all the ward members where they were able to practice and role play different natural scenarios of introducing the gospel to their friends in small groups.  We ran out of time part way through our meeting and it wasn’t quite as polished as I would have liked but i think for the most part it turned out really well.  I think I am just most happy to have that worry off of our shoulders!
Although we were able to meet and have several good lessons with our investigators this week, I think the biggest thing I have noticed was great progress with our recent converts.  Both Bryan (who was baptized 2 transfers ago) and Brother 정명한 (who was baptized a few weeks ago) are doing really well.  They have been coming out to church regularly, we have been working to review all the lessons and they understand the doctrines well, and have strong relationships with the members.  We had an especially cool experience with Brother 정명한 this week.  Before church we were standing out in the hall way greeting the members as they came in and talking with him, when the bishop comes up and says that the youth speaker for that day had cancelled and asked our recent convert if he could bear his testimony.  I think he was a little nervous but said yes and then started asking us lots of questions about what things he needs to say and how to share a testimony.  When the meeting started he sat up on the stand and delivered a great talk about his simple but strong testimony of prayer and reading the Book of Mormon.  He shared that as he has done those things every day he has seen a lot of change in his life and after being baptized he has been happier and felt the spirit more.  He said that even though he attended another church for a long time, he was happy to find the restored gospel and be attending here with us.  I thought it was amazing to see that our recent convert is not only holding strong, but going up in front of all the members and sharing his beliefs – something that is even hard for the long time members his age.  Although we work with a lot of people as missionaries it is cool to see so much progress and miracles with individuals.
This week is transfers and after this being my 4th it will be excited to see whether I stay or go and if so, to where.  Tune in next week to find out!
Have a great week!
Elder Lees

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