Meeting Business, A New Baptismal Date, and the Suseong Ward Mini MTC

(April 4, 2016)

Hello, Hello!

Last P-day we went to the McDonalds near our church to try out the newest thing – they call it the Premium Burger (dont know if it is just a Korean thing or what).  Basically you go into McDonalds and instead of talking to a person, you order from this giant touch screen where you custom select and add different ingredients to your burger.  I went pretty over the top and put bacon and 2 patties and lot of sauces and made a giant burger.  It was probably just a one time thing for the picture, but actually really good.
This week we put on another Zone Proselyting activity down town handing out book of Mormons together with the Sangin and Jungri Districts.  It was a big success.
Elder Glover and I eating one of my favorite cheap Korean foods – DdeokBokki (rice cake with processed fish in a spicy red pepper soup, it sounds super strange but is soo good)
Picture of Elder Suttner, Elder Glover, Elder Park and I last transfer before stake conference P1012019.JPG
Well another week has flown by.  It was one of those weeks where we were busy all the time, but not really the fun finding teaching baptizing kind of busyness.  It was one of those weeks where you used every second you had, but then looking back, arent really sure what happened.  I guess that is just missionary life sometimes.
A lot of our time this week was spent on meetings.  On Tuesday we rode the train down to Busan early in the morning, attended a Zone Leader Training Meeting (a meeting where we learn, discuss, and practice the responsibilities and work of a Zone Leader) and then came back in the afternoon and then found ourselves doing the same thing a few days lateron Thursday for a Mission Leadership Council Meeting (a meeting for all the mission’s Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders where we discuss the needs of the mission and learn what focuses the mission has that we need to relay to our zones).  That made for 4, hour-long train rides into Busan and lots of subway in between, but 2 great revelatory meetings nonetheless.   We also spent some time planning and giving out assignments for our Zone Training Meeting (a meeting for all the missionaries in our zone planned and carried out by Elder No and I) and are focusing on Preparing for General Conference as well as Easter and bearing witness and teaching about Jesus Christ.  That meeting is this upcoming Thursday and we are hoping for it to turn out well.  We also were able to do most of our preparations for the Stake Presidency Meeting (a meeting where the stake presidency, president Barrow, and the assistants and zone leaders meet together) that we have this upcoming week and made all the calls and typed up our report about the missionary work within the Daegu Stake.  As you can see, all in all, it was a lot of meetings and a lot of prep.
While a lot of our investigator appointments didnt really come through, we were able to meet and have a few good lessons with brother Kim, our high school student investigator who is the friend of the 2 less active boys we started meeting a few weeks ago.  We met twice within the week and were able to attend our ward’s guitar class and play some basketball together.  The lessons we had with him went well and we set a baptismal date for him within the end of the month.  He seemed excited and interested in baptism, but our main focus now is to help him prepare and make sure he understand the sacred ordinance’s meaning and importance.  Our other main hope is to get him more involved with the ward’s other young men and out to church on Sundays.  Other than him we visited a few others and spent a lot of time proselyting and searching for those prepared to receive our message.
Another big part of the week was a Mini MTC that we planned and put on with our ward mission leader for the youth in our ward.  There was a big turn out of about 20 of the wards young men, young women, and young single adults preparing for missions and i think the meeting was a big success.  The meeting spanned from Saturday afternoon until Sunday morning the next day and ended at church on Sunday at church at 1.  All of the youth met at the church, were split into companions and then had various classes and activities centered on missionary work.  In the evening the missionaries and ward’s recently returned missionaries all taught and instructed on the various principles within PMG, the youth studied and prepared to teach a lesson for the following day, and slept together at various members houses in the ward.  The next day we met together at the church early in the morning, did some practice teaching where the various youth companionship taught the missionaries and leaders based on pre-made scenarios, and then headed out with 2 youth per missionary to practice real life proselyting on the streets.  I went out with 2 of the young men, was able to talk to several people on the street, knock on a few doors, and give out a few book of Mormon’s.  Overall the MTC turned out great.  Even though it was new and difficult I am sure, it was really cool to see the youth practice and learn and hear their testimonies of the experience the next day in Sacrament.  I really learned a lot from working with them as well.  It was cool to see how excited they were and how much happiness and fulfillment they found in missionary work, even doing things that to me now seem simple and mundane – like giving out a business card or handing out a Book of Mormon.  It is weird to think that just a few years ago I was right where they were and now I am an experienced missionary and so used to this great work.  There really is nothing quite like missionary work and I think that everyone who gets involved in it, even briefly, can feel its power, importance, and blessings.  How will you get involved in missionary work?
Missionary work is good.  Korea is good. Life is good.
Have a good week!
Elder Lees

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