A Surprisingly Busy Week and Miracle Filled Sunday

(January 4, 2016)

Elder Finch and I went to buy new cleats and a soccer ball today for P day in preparation for next week DSC03266.JPG

Elder Finch in a nutshell – carrots, Aloe juice, and a ukuleleDSC03256.JPG


Well it is officially been a new week into this new transfer!  Elder Finch and I spent a week together that was full of lots of lessons, lots of proselyting, lots of work, and lots of miracles.

I guess one of the main things of the week was that it started out to seem like things would be really not busy.  Our large english class, which we run in a 12 week program, just ended its 12 cycle last week and because we are planning to restart things this next week, we didnt have any of our usual twice weekly classes.  Also, because it was New Year’s, a lot places were closed and there werent very many people outside on the streets to talk to.  Because of this, both of our weekly service activities (one at a soup kitchen and the other at a Children’s Library) were closed.  Despite this leaving us with a lot of holes and originally empty days in our weekly planners, this week turned out to be one of our busiest.

We started by making appointments with all of our english class investigators (of whom we have about 3 or 4) who we met together with, studied english, and taught about the gospel.  Although we still havent seen a lot of change with them, we were able to have some really great discussions and see progress, even if it is small – reading from the Book of Mormon, praying for the first time, etc.  We had one especially deep lesson with an investigator who responded to our invitation to read and pray about the Book of Mormon to get an answer for himself that he believed that he would get an answer but that he would not recognize that answer as the Holy Ghost but as a psychological response from inside his brain.  It lead to a lot of thinking on our part and a really good discussion on the Holy Ghost (see Moroni 7: 16-17).

In addition to meeting with those investigators, we also made a plan to visit a lot of the members and introduce Elder Finch.  After working out a rendition of We’ll Bring the World His Truth in Korean, with both of us singing and Elder Finch playing the ukulele, we filled a lot of blank times in our week with quick member visits, were we introduced Elder Finch, sang a quick song on their apartment doorsteps, and invited them to get involved in missionary work.  We also set up a small basketball game with all of the young men in the ward after seminary of Saturday morning and are planning to play soccer with our investigators and ward this next Saturday.  Early on Saturday morning we also got permission to leave early and go out with our bishop on our ward’s monthly prayer/hike meeting where the members that want to come and missionaries climb a local mountain, talk about the progress of our ward, and pray together for more success.  One thing I have really seen through missionary work is that if you are creative, you can use your talents, such as singing/playing the ukulele or being good at soccer and basketball effectively to get closer to investigators and members and as good finding tools.

Through all of these things we spent a very busy week but I think we were the most blessed by the end with a really amazing Sunday.  We got to church in the morning and everything seemed like it would end up like a normal, good Sunday in the 중리 ward.  We went to sacrament meeting, substituted for our sick gospel principles teacher, attended Elder’s quorum with our recent convert, and had ward council afterwards.  The special things about the day was that, our bishop’s son, brought one of his friends to church!  He attended all of the meetings, seemed to enjoy it, and then sat down for a short lesson with us after where he comited to pray and meet with us later in the week.  We finished up the lesson and headed down into ward council which was downstairs, happy to find a new investigator almost out of nowhere.  Halfway into the meeting, one of the members pulled us out and said, “there is a man here to see you.” We went into the other room and found an older man who it turns out had seen our English class banner in front of the church and all of the cars in the parking lot and walked in to try and learn more.  We went and got our ward mission leader and sat down together for a lesson where we got to know him and found out that he is not only interested in english, but in our church and the Book of Mormon!  He had a ton of questions and we taught him all of the restoration and gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon to read.  He committed to read it and we are going to meet him again in a few days for another lesson.  Within the space of one day, Elder Finch and I found 2 really great, high potential investigators, with seemingly little effort of our own.  All we did was fast that day to find new investigators, work hard, and try to be obedient, and literally 2 prepared people just walked into the doors of the church.  It was a real testiment to me that this is God’s work and there are prepared people out there.  Sometimes he leads us to them, sometimes he leads them to us.

I will end with a scripture that I really liked from my study this week.

“the kingdom of heaven is like unto treasurehid in a field; the which when a man hath found, hehideth, and for joy thereof goeth and selleth all that hehath, and buyeth that field.”  Matthew 13:44

Well that’s it for this week!  Sometimes I look back and have no idea how I write so much… I must be getting fast at typing.  Have a great week!


Elder Lees


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