A Cold Winter, Worldwide Missionary Broadcast, and Becoming Instruments in God’s Hands


Bundled Up Against the Daegu Winter DSC02024.JPG

Eating 돼지국밥 at a restaurant near the church.


Today for P-Day one of the members gave us free tickets to this Snow Amusement Park full of decorations and wintery themed activities.  Turned out to be super fun.


In the Bird Garden. DSC03377.JPG

They had a artificial Bobsled Course.  Don’t worry, it was safe…


Action Shots DSC02094.JPG


Well first things first, it has been a cold week this week.  Because our mission is on the southern part of Korea, it doesnt get as cold or get as much snow as there is in Seoul, but this past week has been soooo cold.  I think I thought that it has been winter for a while, but I was wrong.  Winter came this week.  Some of the days when we were out proselyting it was over negative 10 degrees celsius (I dont know how cold that is in farenheit, but it was super cold).  We had a few of our appointments cancel and spend a few hours proselyting on the streets, and despite like 5 layers and a hat and gloves, by the end, I was ready to warm up.  The other day we got a text from the AP’s saying because there has been so many problems with missionary house’s pipes freezing that before we all leave our houses we have to set our faucets so that they drip a little bit of water.  Daegu is one cold city in the winter!

Other than the cold, things have been going great.  I think the biggest highlight was this last Sunday when our investigator, brother 정명한 received the gift of the holy ghost.  He has been progressing super well, has a really good relationship with us, and has also grown really close to the members and the young men. This week he came out to Family Home Evening, English Class and even participated in our ward’s young men ski trip outing near Seoul. We were able to teach him several times with a few of the different young men and he is accepting everything well.  We especially shared a message about missionary work this week and he agreed to work on sharing the gospel with his family and start preparing to serve a two year mission one day as well.  It is great to see so much progress and miracles with him.

Other than that we kept busy with much of the same and were able to meet many of our other investigators.  Our ward mission leader has been focusing a lot on teaching lessons with members, and we were able to match schedules and have members at almost all of our appointments this week, which turns out to be a lot harder than I thought.  We have a few more good investigators who are progressing well, but still working through the process of reading and praying about the Book of Mormon to find out that it is true.

Another special thing about this week was a international missionary broadcast, put on by the church missionary department were several of the apostles spoke and trained all the miracles.  It was titled “Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts.”  I have to say that I was a little disappointed there wasn’t some new huge announcement like a New PMG or them changing the missionary age or something, but the addresses were great and I learned a ton.  Some of my favorite parts were an adress by Elder Anderson about how our missionary work and purpose are rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ, a teaching discussion led by Elder Bednar about the role of the Holy Ghost in conversion, and advice from several leaders about how we can work better with members.  I left feeling that I needed to bear more testimony of Jesus Christ in lessons and teach the doctrine of repentance more thoroughly.  We have a zone meeting tomorrow were we are going to review the broadcast where I am speaking and I am looking forward to what there is to learn.

On Friday night we had a cool experience with a member of our ward, Jared, who is from the Philippines and is working here in Korea for a few years to make money for his family back home.  He is the one who referred us his nephew who was baptized a few transfers ago.  On Sunday when he met us at church we asked him how things have been and he expressed to us that he has been having lots of problems at work and got into some arguments with his Boss about the poor way he was treating the workers in the factory.  Later on in the week we thought it would be good to visit him and see how he is doing, so we met him near his house, talked for a while, and shared a message about the book of mormon.  We reminded him of our bishop’s guidance to read the Book of Mormon for 15 minutes or more every day (which he was already doing) and as we read the story about Joseph Smith finding answers to his questions by reading James 1:5 in Joseph Smith History shared about how one way we can receive revelation through the scriptures is to find individual verses that apply to our situatons.  Elder Finch and I shared several of our favorite scriptures that have helped us and he shared several of his own as well.  As we concluded and were getting ready to head out he thanked us so much for our visit, told us it was exactly what he needed to hear, and that it was an answer to his prayers for more guidance this week during his struggles at work.  It is cool to see how we as missionaries can follow promptings and plan for peoples need and be used by instruments by God to bless others.  I think those are my favorite experiences as a missionary – seeing that God is guiding us and that this work is so much more than just doing what we want.  God has a plan for all of us and it is our job to follow the guidance we do receive.

Have a great, warm, and guidance filled week!


Elder 리스


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