A Busy Week and an Amazing Visit Out in the Mountains

(March 14, 2016)

Hello Hello!

Inside on of the largest churches in Daegu today on P-DayDSC03580.JPG
All in 수성 Elders on one treeDSC03610.JPG
The first christian church in Daegu and 3rd church in Korea DSC03596.JPG
Gorgeous giant church we went on a tour of today
On exchanges Elder Dietz and I went to visit an investigator raises expensive Asian trees on a farm to sell to for landscaping DSC03547.JPG
Elder Suttner, bishop Gil, and Sister Lee at the hospitalDSCN0838.JPG
P-day subway selfies DSCN0889.JPG
Well another week has officially flown by!  I cant believe it but this week we are starting the last week of the transfer!  It really doesn’t feel like it has been that long since I have gotten here to 수성 with Elder Suttner but we have already done 5 weeks and are starting the 6th today.  That means this next week might involve me getting a new companion and lots of planning how to send out our zone’s transferring missionaries and receive the new ones.
This week was a good and a productive one.  Elder Suttner and I met with our investigators, did english class, conducted 2 exchanges with our district leader teams (one where I served with Elder Dietz in 경산 and another where I served with my old companion Elder Finch back here in 수성), did our service project where we lift a paralyzed man into his wheelchair, and did a lot of proselyting along the way.  We upped our last week high of 21 contacts in one week to 32 contacts in one week this week.  We met again with that investigator I talked about last week who we thought had lots of potential, but sadly found that he just wanted to argue with us about the bible and was not actually interested in investigating our church.  We met a new investigator who came out to english class and wanted to know more of our church message.  We taught a few lessons to our investigator who rides a wheelchair and started to help him overcome his addiction to smoking and coffee so that he can be baptized.  We met a less active on the street who moved here recently after being baptized in another area and on Sunday he actually came out to church!  We also were greatly blessed to be able to teach one of the young single adults in our ward’s high school friend who he brought out to church on Sunday, and he really liked it and we are hoping to meet him this next week as well.  All in all it was a week of great progress!
I would especially like to share a story of a visit that Elder Suttner and I went to on Saturday with our bishop to see a less active samed sister Lee.  A few weeks ago at the beginning of the transfer Elder Suttner and I went to visit our bishop and his family and talk to him about how we can serve him and what goals and plans he has for missionary work in the ward.  In the car on the way home he shared with us the names of 3 teenage boys who were baptized long ago and havent come out to church and whose mother is sick in the hospital with terminal cancer.  He encouraged us to visit them and help them come back out to church.  We called them a few times with no answer over the next few days and even went out to their house where they would not let us in because they were “busy studying.”  We reported back to the bishop and he suggested that we go together to visit the mother in the hospital which we were able to do this last Saturday.
On Saturday afternoon following English class the bishop came to the church, picked Elder Suttner and I up, and we drove to the mother’s hospital.  The hospital turned out to be over an hour drive away in the middle of no where in the mountains, in what more looked like a rich man’s mansion than a hospital.  The bishop explained to us that it was a type of hospital where severally ill people go to rest out away from the city where the air is better and it is more relaxing.  After a long drove through the mountains we arrived at the hospital and had an amazing visit.  We talked and laughed together, talked all about her conversion 10 years ago, and her love of life and the gospel.  She really just radiated joy and energy.  She said she is going off to Seoul later this week for a major surgery in one of the most advanced cancer hospitals in the world (the Samsung cancer hospital in Seoul).  The conversation turned over to her 3 sons and she shared with us how much she wanted them to come out to church, learn how important the gospel is, and be influenced by the good members and other young men there.  We told her how we weren’t able to met them yet, and then she took out her phone right there, called them, told them how important it would be to her for them to meet with us, suggested that we meet this week, and even set up an appointment for us to come over.  The bishop offered to drive them over to the church after our appointment as well and help them come to church on Sundays and English class within the week.  We ended our visit by sharing a short message with her about prayer and as soon as we read the scripture we had selected, D&C 88, 63-64,  the spirit came in so strongly and she broke out in tears.  It was probably one of the most memorable, effective, and spirit filled visits and messages of my mission.  It really showed me the importance of loving and caring for others, just how important going out to visit the lonely and in need can be, and how much change this gospel can make on people’s lives.  We are looking forward to meeting her sons this week and praying for her surgery to go well.
This is the scripture we shared:
“Draw near unto me and I will draw near unto you; seekme diligently and ye shall find me; ask, and ye shall receive; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.
Whatsoever ye ask the Father in my name it shall be given unto you, that is expedient for you;”
God truly does love us, listen to our prayers, and will come to us when we seek him.  He guides us and I know he is guiding me in this great work.
Elder Lees

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