Easter in Korea, a Week of Work, and Goals and Plans for a New Transfer with the Daegu Zone

(March 28, 2016)

Greeting from South Korea!

Elder No and while emailing (plus Elder Park in the background)DSC03628.JPG
We decided to make spaghetti this week but realized after we started that we didn’t have spaghetti noodles, or spaghetti sauce.  So we smashed up gross organic lasagna noodles a member gave us and mixed it with spices and a can of diced tomatoes.  The jury’s still out on whether it was surprisingly good or actually terrible.  DSC03630.JPG
Two weeks ago at Stake conference with my old investigators from Jungri Ward.  Both of my recent converts, brother Jung and BDSC03627.JPGryan came.  It was a good reunion.
Happy Easter!
It really was a beautiful Easter here in Korea.  The sun is shining, the cold Daegu winter is fading away into cool days with a nice breeze, the park and small stream across the street from our church is turning green, and the cherry blossoms are all opening up.  It really feels like a new start and season of new birth.  The perfect time for easter right?
The sad thing about easter in Korea is that if you looked around and weren’t careful you might not even notice that it was easter.  The large church we pass on our walk from out apartment to church put up a banner announcing their special easter worship meeting but that was about it.  As we talked with those around us on the streets and subways on Easter Sunday I was surprised by just how many people didnt even know what day it was!  I guess all of the candy and Easter bunnies dont really represent the true meaning of Easter, but at least it let people know something is going on.  We spent a good day going to both of our church meetings, singing lots of Easter songs, and teaching a lesson to the youth about missionary work for a member missionary work class our ward does, and visited with a few great families in the evening and shared messages about the Resurrection.   Luckily we have an military branch with all the american soldiers in the area that we look over so on we still got our fill of American candy and even a branch easter brunch activity on Saturday with a potluck breakfast and easter egg hunt for all the kids.
Building up to easter Sunday Elder No and I met with our investigators, did a lot of proselyting, and made some quick visits to members as we went around sharing the church’s new easter video “Halelujah.” We met with the 2 less active boys that we first met a few weeks ago, and they even brought out 2 of their friends with them to english class who we were able to teach and get closer to.  It is looking like it might take us some time to get close with them and build up their faith and desire to come out to church, but so far things are well.  We also had a good lesson with a member of our english class, who although he does not believe in God, showed up to our lesson with a whole list of things he wonders about religion ranging from our stance on revolution to where we think that our souls came from.  Even though he is very skeptical and still approaches things from a very intellectual rather than spiritual standpoint and refuses to pray, it was cool to see him express so much interest, see that we can find the answers to his questions through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, help him start to read the book of mormon, and actually come out to church on Sunday as well!  It might take some time, but we are seeing small steps of progression.
Elder No and I also made some good plans and goals for our zone for the transfer that I am hoping will help lift our efforts and faith.  We focused in on missionaries working on their teaching certification program made by the our mission, getting their investigators out to church on Sundays, and teaching lessons on the street daily.  We have been working to accomplish our goals personally as our team and express them to our zone as well.
All in all it has been a good week and a happy easter!  if you havent seen it yet go watch the easter video.  www.mormon.org/easter
Jesus Christ died for us, was resurrected, and lives today. Follow Him and find new life.
Elder Lees

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