Investigators, English Class, Less Actives, and District P-day

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Another week seems to have flown by!  We are already starting my fifth week serving here in 중리 with Elder Mitchell and everything continues to go well!  We have been focusing a lot this week on finding new investigators, visiting members, finding less actives, and building up our new english class program.
This week was a little bit of a harder one in terms of meeting with investigators.  Our one steadily progressing investigator, 박호 형제님 is continuing to do well and read the Book of Mormon and pray regularly.  We have good visits with him and he follows up well on his commitments.  Due to him being busy with work we havent been able to have him come to church yet but he has really expressed his desire to.  Sadly, in terms of our other investigators, either reasons have come up that they arent able to meet with us, or we have been minimizing on meeting them as frequently due to their lack of interest or progression.  One of our other good investigators, 김효진 형제님, who we used to meet with once a week sadly informed us that because of his work in the hospital as a doctor he is too busy and will be unable to meet, another one of our investigators, Tim, a foreigner from Canada infomed us he is going on a trip back to Canada and wont be able to meet for a few weeks, and then two of our other investigators, while two of our other investigators 지병록 형제님, a man who owns a phone store near the church and is interested in meeting us to learn better english to meet with foreign customers and Zabi, a Pakistani man who works here in a factory and is strongly Muslim, we have been meeting with less due to their lack of interest in our message.
In order to find new investigators, and under the leadership of our bishop and ward mission leader, we and our ward have been focusing on building up a large and productive english class.  Our ward mission leader and us have been planning for weeks to get this going and we started our first class last wednesday.  For our new class we have picked new professional teaching materials and split up our class into basic, intermediate, advanced, and children’s classes with both members and missionaries teaching together.  We have also been doing lots of advertising including a big banner on the front of the fence around the church and new business cards.  This last week we had our first class where we introduced the new program and gave out test and held interviews to sort the members into the english classes.  To prepare for this we spent a lot of time this last week spreading the word about our new class and getting things ready for the grand opening.  We even went out in front of local schools and passed out business cards and shared the word about our new program.  I really feel like this new english class program will lead to a big class and hopefully lots of new people interested in our church.  Started last week we had lots of new people come and we already have a few promising potential investigators.  It is really cool to see how much good work we can do when we team up with the members on a project and follow the vision of our bishop and priesthood leaders.
Another great thing we have seen a lot of progress with recently is less active members here in the 중리 ward.  At stake conference a couple of weeks ago, an old bishop in our ward was released from his calling as a counselor in the stake presidency and has returned to serving in our ward with a new calling as the high priest’s group leader.  With a lot of knowledge and experience about our ward, and more time after being realeased from the stake, he has been working with us a lot and already helped reactivate 3 members.  We have set up with him to go and visit less active members together for 2 hours every sunday after our church meetings and investigator lessons with a goal of meeting with all of the less actives in the ward.  It is really great to see the influence and strong effect of working together as misionaries and members to do this work.  Hopefully we will be able to find and help even more people to come!
Today for P-day, we had a really fun district P-day where we went to E-World, a large amusement park here in Daegu located in our area.  Although it took a bit of planning on my part, we had a great turn out of missionaries and even a few members from the stake so that we had enough people to go in at a group rate.  It made for a very fun P-day of riding roller coasters and enjoying the last of the warm weather.  It is nice to have a fun refreshing day to help get you ready for another week of working hard.  I think it turned out really well.
The work continues to go forward and step by step Elder Mitchell and I are seeing lots of miracles here in 중리.  I wish you all a great week!
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