Back to the Field!

Well it has been the week of transfers and there is big news: I am out of the office and back into the real world of missionary work!  I have been transfered to serve in the 중리 (Jungri) area which is located on the north western part of the city of 대구 (Daegu).  My new companion is Elder Mitchell, who is currently in his 6th transfer and comes from Missouri.  I am also going to be serving as District Leader, and there are 10 missionaries in my district: the Jungri elders and Sisters, the Suseong Zone Leaders, B Team, and sisters, and the senior couple missionaries the Dustin’s who serve in the Suseong military branch.  It was a little bit of a suprise for me to leave serving as assistant for only 2 transfers, but is a change that I am really excited for.

I have to say it was a bit of a suprise for me to be transferred and kind of bittersweet news as well.  I really felt like I was just starting to get comfortable with all the craziness of serving as assistant and all the various things involved.  Even though I really didnt see it coming I am excited to serve where I am now.  I am so happy to just go back out into an area and dedicate 100% of my time to finding and teaching investigators, meeting and strenghthening members, and working with my district.
My new area is located in a more industrial area of the city of Daegu, the 4th largest city in Korea behind Seoul, Incheon, and Busan.  It is a large city north of Busan and south of Andong, my previous areas.  The city itself is pretty, big, and full of lots of people, taxi’s, big buildings, buses, subways, and all the noise and excitement that goes along with it.  Because Daegy is a large basin (actually the meaning of the word Daegu) it is famous for some of if not the most hot and cold weather in the country.  Jungri is a fairly large sized ward with about 50-60 members who come to church on Sunday, many of which are young men and young women, and young single adults.  We have a handleful of good investigators and with them, lots of members to visit, and a few service projects it looks like it will be a busy transfer!  I am still getting used to the area, the members, and our investigators, but so far it seems like a great area.  Everyone who serves here say that they love it.
My new companion is Elder Mitchell, who is currently in his 6th transfer.  He comes from Missouri and is a year younger than me being born in 1996.  Other than an exchange we went on while I served in 해운대 (Haeundae) it has only been my second day with Elder Mitchell but I can already tell that he is great and that we can serve together having fun and working hard.
My last week in 온천 was another crazy one, but a good one as well.  We spent a good amount of time working with President Barrow on transfers this week and making all the transfer calls on thursday night.  We also tried to get all the details put into place for the incomming missionaries who come in tonight, a big group of 15.  On friday, Elder 김종석 and I made a long trip out to the area of 구미 where we went to open a new house for a team of sister missionaries that is going to be starting there. That was a crazy day of driving way out to a far off area, traveling to other houses along the way to pick up whatever unused stuff we could, and then going shopping to buy all the things necessary for a new house.  It was a pretty crazy and expensive day but we ended up getting some good things at good prices, from appliances and pots and pans, to wardrobes and chairs.
Well I am still getting used to this new area and am excited for what is in store!  It will be an adjustment to figuring out the area, and investigators, and members, and my district but I am truly looking forward to it!  Wish me luck!
I hope you have a great week!
Elder Lees

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