Zone Conference, Korean New Years, Cleaning Churches, and Learning Culture


It has been a bit of a different week this week and full of random activities but a good one at that! This week was the Korean New Year, which is the biggest holiday in Korea and basically meant everything shut down for a few days and everyone went to visit their family out in the countryside. It was kind of eerily quiet around our area, all the stores and restaurants and stuff were closed, and it was kind of hard to meet with a lot of our investigators because of the Holiday but also gave us some opportunities to do some new things!

This thing we found that takes pictures in the subway station... definetly had too much fun with that haha

This thing we found that takes pictures in the subway station… definitely had too much fun with that haha

On the holiday we were invited to one of the members in our wards house sister Lee JungHee who made all of us missionaries a ton of awesome traditional Korean food and we visited and had a super nice time. We also spent a lot of time with one of our ward’s recent converts a less active and a few of our investigators who were alone for the holiday and planned an activity for them all at the church with Pizza and board games. We also went out with one of the members of our ward, who used to be the bishop, who is in charge of cleaning all of the churches in Busan. As Stake Conference is coming up this week he needed a lot of help cleaning the stake center and getting everything set up, so we worked with him one day, he drove us all around Busan to pick up supplies from the various churches, we ate together, and then he took us up to the tallest mountain in Busan with super amazing views of the city. Totally spectacular. Riding the subway and being down on the ground I never realized just how big Busan is or how beautiful this city really is. I’ll have to send some pictures.

The other big thing was that we planned a huge New Years Party for our ward. In order to prepare for that we had to do a lot of prep this week making and setting up decorations and games, coordinating food with the relief society, and inviting everyone in the ward, and even though it was a lot of work a lot of people came and the meeting was super fun. We did all sorts of these Korean traditional games, ate food together, and watched the short movie John Tanner in Korean for a spiritual portion. After it all I feel so much more Korean haha. We are really blessed with some amazing members here and of course, a billion adorable Korean kids running around.

This week was also our zone conference, which was a big meeting with all the missionaries in our zone, the AP’s and President and sister Barrow. It was a little stressful to plan everything with the AP’s as we are the zone leaders and especially to plan and execute and hour long teaching practice and contact a District Leader Training Meeting after but we put in a lot of work and the meeting turned out amazing. President Barrow spoke all about following and recognizing the spirit and it was an incredibly powerful meeting. I have tons of notes and feel spiritually fed.

Kind of a weird week this week full of non normal things and even though we weren’t able to meet with everyone we wanted were able to keep busy and have some fun as well!

For some reason the Korean on my keyboard isn’t working but “SaeHae Bok Mani Baduseyo!” (basically Korean happy new years). Love you all and have a great week!


Elder Lees


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