Great Lessons, New Year Partys, Companion Exchanges, Youth Meetings, and Zone Conference

the youth activity we planned

the youth activity we planned

ne of our investigators making an american style cake at our saturday youth activity with the oven my Mom sent

ne of our investigators making an american style cake at our saturday youth activity with the oven my Mom sent

Looking out the window of the giant hospital where we are emailing it is a wet P Day here in Busan, but it is a good end to another great week of missionary work!  This week we’ve been able to met with a lot of our investigators and have some really great lessons, make a lot of progress on preparing for our big Korean New Years party this week, do family home evening, go on companion exchanges, plan a big youth meeting for our ward and investigators where we played games and baked and decorated a cake, and get ready for Zone Conference tomorrow as well!
I guess one of the best things of the week was the lessons we were able to have with our investigators.  We had an especially good lesson with 박태환 형재님 and saw some real miracles.  Basically 박태환 형재님 is an investigator who has been meeting with the investigators for a super long time.  He is in his 50’s, is an big head accountant at a company that does a lot of shipping at the Port in Busan, loves golf, has a wife and son, and lives near the church in 해운대.  He first met the missionaries because he heard that they teach English and he really needed to learn English in order to be able to communicate with foreign business men at his company. Even though he had never attended church before he met with the missionaries, studied English, and investigated the church.  Despite hearing all the lessons a lot and meeting with the missionaries for almost a year he never really kept commitments well or progressed towards baptism.  For a long time the missionaries had been planning to drop him, however, when Elder 김인수 and I started teaching him we had some great lessons about God and he actually started reading the Book of Mormon regularly despite having lots of questions about whether God exists.  Last week we had a really amazing lesson about faith and prayer and about how you can gain a testimony and even though he agreed to read Moroni Chapter 7 he said he didn’t feel comfortable praying to God.  This week when we met he had read all of the chapter, had tons of questions, and we felt prompted to reteach the Restoration.  After our discussion we invited him to pray, he agreed, and he even prayed with us to end the lesson.  I don’t know exactly what it is that sparked this change but it has been really amazing to see a lot of real change in an investigator who for a long long time was not progressing at all.  We are planning to meet again tomorrow and see how things go but Elder 김주윤 and I were really surprised by the lesson and super grateful for the amazing things progress we have been able to see!
We sadly weren’t able to meet with the family that we are teaching during the week because school has started again and 김도현 형재님 got really sick .They all came to church and it is looking like we will be able to meet again this week and see them at our big 설날 party[New Years part].  박지훈 형재님, our recent convert who just got baptized is super super busy with school but doing well and we were also able to meet a few less actives this week one of which just started coming back to church!
Another big thing for the week has been planning for our ward’s 설날 party [New Years Party] this upcoming week.  It has been crazy coordinating things with members, making decorations, coming up with games, organizing the food, and working things out. Even though I honestly do not understand what all of the traditional Korean things we will be doing are, I think the party is going to be really great.  This week because it is the 설날 holiday, which is the biggest holiday in Korea, we have this big party which we are inviting everyone too, all the Korean missionaries are allowed to call home to their families, and we are hoping to be able to meet with a lot more people because they will have time off from work and school.
We also went on companionship exchanges with the 대신 elders, and I was able to serve with Elder Mitchell who just came to Korea 3 weeks ago in my area.  We taught a few lessons and did English class together and had a really good time.  Even though I am still a young missionary and have a long way to go it was weird to be with a new missionary. I could see just how much of the language and missionary life I have been able to learn!  Tomorrow we also have a big zone conference with all the missionaries in our zone, President and Sister Barrow, and the AP’s.  For that Elder Kim and I have prepared an hour long teaching practice about Planning and Communicating with the Lord and are looking forward to a great meeting.
No problems to report just lots of progress and looking forward to more great things to come!  Have a great week!
Elder Lees!

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