Busy Investigators, Meetings, and Preparation

Yup That's right.  My mom sent me an oven for my birthday.  Best gift ever

Yup That’s right. My mom sent me an oven for my birthday. Best gift ever

Another solid week of missionary work has gone by in the Korea Busan Mission!
It has been a bit of a more quite week of missionary work here with Elder 김주윤 in 해운대 (Haeundae) this week but a good one at that!  I will be honestly I am not entirely sure how Korean schools work for but basically during the winter time there is a long school vacation that just ended this week.  It worked really well for us last transfer because lots of our investigators, especially for 박지훈 형제님 (our highschool student investigator who was just baptized last week) and 김도현 형제님 (the son of the family that we are teaching) had a lot of time to meet, but recently as things have started up again, and korean students literally are busy with school and studying from sunrise to sunset, this week it has been harder to meet with everyone we wanted to.  Nonetheless we were able to meet a few times with 박지훈 형제님 and start reviewing the lessons with him and some of our other investigators who are progressing a little more slowly.
One thing that we have really been focusing on is trying to help our investigators get closer with the members of the ward.  Especially with 박지훈 형제님, who has a super strong testimony comes to church every week and knows the members well we are really trying to make sure that he has some solid friends at church.  In order to do that this week we have been working with the ward leaders to get together a weekly youth activity meeting on Saturday with the missionaries after English class.  Even though it will require a lot more planning on the missionaries part, and we also have to plan family home evening and English class, I think it is a really great way to strengthen the ward, help our investigators, and even find other youth to teach.  This last week we had a big board game activity and although it was kind of small for the first one a few less actives investigators and members came and we even saw some of them swapping phone numbers so we were pretty happy.  With these meetings and a big Solar (I think it is the Korean solar new year or something, but basically the biggest Korean holiday) church meeting that we are planning decorations and activities for coming up, even if it was a little quieter week there was lots of things to do!
Also this week was that we had out Mission Leadership Council Meeting (MLCM) with all the zone leaders and sister training leaders, the AP’s, and President and Sister Barrow.  It was really a super great meeting.  We talked a lot about how we can help our mission to improve, our upcoming mission conferences this transfer, and other administrative stuff like missionary certification and a new English class curriculum.  President and Sister Barrow and the AP’s (one of which is my last companion elder Kim Insu) are really amazing and things are going well.  president Barrow also informed me that I have been called as the a South Busan zone leader along with my companion instead of being assistant zone leader (which changes practically nothing except I now have the title and can give people permissions).
 Today is actually my birthday and I have been enjoying a nice P-Day of going shopping, eating this super good tofu soup, emailing, and then having family home evening in the evening!  I will admit it is pretty different than things back in the states but a great day nonetheless!
 We are looking forward to another busy week this week and I am particularly looking forward to going on an exchange this week and seeing what training is like with Elder Mitchell who is a new trainee in our zone that came here to Korea 3 weeks ago.
 I hope you all have a great week!  Lots of love from Korea!
좋은 하루 되세요!
리스 장로

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