Exchanges and Lots of Good Progress

It has been another week of amazing things for Elder 김인수 and I here in 해운대!
I guess one of the big things of the week was going on exchanges with the 대신 elders, Elder 석도현 (the district leader) and Elder Dietz.  Elder 김인수 and I decided it would be best if I stayed here in 해운대 with Elder Dietz and if Elder 김인수 went to 대신 with Elder 석도현.  I will admit I was kind of nervous about the exchange for one because I would need to lead the exchange, it being in my area, and two because Elder Dietz is currently being follow up trained and is a younger missionary than me.  Basically this meant I had the responsibility to really lead our missionary work and lessons and really understand everything that everyone was saying.  We tried to make the exchange as busy as possible and planned three different lessons with three of our different investigators and it made for a really busy, amazing day.  It was weird getting around and teaching without Elder 김인수 but the exchange turned out super amazing.  Elder Dietz and I were able to work really well together and teach some great lessons.  One of our lessons in particular was with the son of the new family that we have been working on teaching.  Because it was our first lesson with him and we planned on teaching the restoration and we had heard that he had some concerns about our church from things he has researched on the internet, I was additionally nervous but it went amazing.  We were able to talk super naturally, understand each other, answer all of his questions, and at the end extend the baptismal invitation which he accepted.  It was a real answer to some worried prayers and made for a great day.
One Sunday we had another great day filled with investigators at church.  박지훈 형재님, our high school student investigator came to church and continues to progress super well and understand extremely well also.  Along with him the family that our bishops wife referred to us all came to church again this week, the mother son and daughter (we had taught the son earlier in the week on exchanges) and they are all so amazing.  We taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ along with our bishops wife at church and it was a super great lesson.  The father is not interested in meeting with us and is super busy but the mother and especially the two children, have such a passion for the gospel and are already so ready to come to church and keep our commitments.  During our lesson the mother even told us that they went out to dinner as a family and the daughter told the mother not to drink coffee because she had heard during sacrament meeting that we don’t believe in drinking coffee.  We hadn’t even explained the Word of Wisdom yet!  I think the mother still has some questions but wants her children to be raised in this church and wants to learn all from us she can.  We are planning for them to be baptized in a few weeks along with 박지훈 형재님 and the bishop of our ward’s son who is turning 8 .  It is an extremely amazing miracle to find such amazing people and be holding a baptismal service for not just one person but 4!
The big thing this week will be teaching our investigators as much as we can and then waiting for transfer calls this Thursday.  This is the last week of the transfer and it really feels like it has flown by!  I don’t know what will happen this next week but I honestly don’t want things to change!
I wish you all the best week,
Elder Lees

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