A New Transfer Begins

Well I guess the big news is that it is the start of my fifth transfer as a Korea Busan missionary!  This transfer I am staying in my same area, 해운대, but have a new companion, Elder 김주윤 (Kim Juyoon or Juyoon Kim).  I really didn’t want my last companion, Elder 김인수 (Kim Insu), to go because we got along super great and only served together for one transfer but my new companion seems super great.  Elder 김인수 also is serving as the new AP this transfer as well, so as much as it is sad to see him go I know he’ll do super great.
My new companion is Elder 김주윤 is from Seoul and I can already tell things will go really well.  He lived in Sandy Utah and actually attended A Catholic High school there in Utah and then moved to Ohio to attend college where he studied math.  I have heard is English is super good from other missionaries, and I would assume that it must be from living in America for 6 years, but we met for the first time this morning and have only spoken Korean so we will have to see!  His parents live in Seoul and his younger sister is going to college in Boston at New England Conservatory.  I am not sure how many transfers he has left exactly but he is a pretty old missionary and has served in a bunch of different areas around the mission.  He has trained twice and done district leader but this will be his first time as zone leader.  Other than that I know that he plays the violin super super well and am looking forward to learning more! The 해운대 B Team is still Elder 박강산 and his new companion Elder Trentman from California.
It is another time of being the experienced missionary in the area and teaching my new companion the area, and even though I am still assistant zone leader, training Elder 김주윤 how to do our zone leader responsibilities.  As much as we have lots of investigators and members and zone leader stuff to know, Elder 김주윤 seems like he will pick up super fast.  I guess the big news for the week is that our investigator 박지훈 형재님 is going to be baptized this Saturday!  This week will probably include a lot of preparation such as tracking down baptism clothes and planning the meeting but it is seeming like it will be super great.  Our Bishop’s son who recently turned 8 is planning to be baptized at the same time and it seems like the service will be really good with lots of members being able to attend, talks, and even a performance from our ward primary.  I am also super excited because our bishop will be baptizing his son but I will be baptizing 박지훈 형재님!  Originally we had planned to baptize the family that we are teaching this upcoming week as well at the same service but we decided to push the date back a couple of weeks so that we could try and baptize all of the family together.
I guess the main focuses we have are preparing 박지훈 형재님 and the family that we are teaching for baptism and then meeting with as many of our other investigators and members and less active members as we can!  It is looking like it will be another busy week this week with serving with a new companion and meeting lots of people but I am really looking forward to another great week and great transfer!  I have really been blessed to work with lots of amazing investigators and members and missionaries and everything is going really great.
Not too much more time but looking forward to good things to come!
Have a great week!
Elder Lees

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