A Great Baptism and A Great Week

happy haeundae ward

happy haeundae ward

last transfer's district

last transfer’s district

Elder Kim Insu and I during last transfers hiking zone P day

Elder Kim Insu and I during last transfers hiking zone P day


박지훈 형제님 Baptismal Service

박지훈 형제님 Baptismal Service

박지훈 형제님 Baptismal Service Picture   Elder Lees Elder 김인수 Elder 김주윤

박지훈 형제님 Baptismal Service Picture
Elder Lees Elder 김인수 Elder 김주윤

It has been a really great first week of the new transfer and a great first week with my new companion Elder 김주윤 (Kim Ju Yoon).
I guess that one of the biggest things of the week was our baptismal service for our investigator 박지훈 형제님 and the bishop’s son who recently turned 8.  We have been kept pretty busy with preparing all the necessary things for the service such as making assignments to various ward members and creating a program, tracking down all of the baptismal clothing that we need, meeting with 박지훈 형제님 to make sure he is prepared and do all the necessary interviews and sign the necessary documents, invite all the members and investigators we can, practice various musical numbers, making sure the font is clean and filling it with water, and all the other fun stuff that goes along with it.  Although there was a lot more to doing it all than I thought everything turned out super super amazing and it was an amazingly powerful experience.  I was able to baptize 박지훈 형제님 and the bishop was able to baptize his son as well.  I was pretty nervous to do it for my first time especially as I didn’t want to mess up the prayer in Korean and I wanted to make sure he was completely immersed (which was actually kind of hard because I am not sure we filled the font with quite enough water but I was able to do it on the first try so no worries) but it all went seamlessly.  During the meeting we had 3 musical numbers including a completely adorable primary musical number, a violin piece by my companion, and a choir number by our district of missionaries.  We also had a few talks including one by our bishop and watched the video Because of Him.  Overall the meeting was super amazing and well attended by lots of members, our investigators, and other missionaries and their investigators as well.  I can also really see that it was a great moment for 박지훈 형제님 and even though he is kind of a quite person I can really see he enjoyed and felt the spirit and importance of the service.
Because of the baptism this week we have been kept pretty busy with preparation for that, teaching English class, doing our Stake President Meeting preparation of assembling all of our zones information and reporting it to the stake president and president barrow, meeting with our other investigators, doing community service at the soup kitchen, and preparing and having a great family home evening.  We recently have started having a ward family home evening for all the members, investigators, and single people who want to attend on Monday nights at our ward and it has been going super great.  We missionaries prepare a fun activity and the ward assigns a member to give a lesson and brings snacks.  Today will be our third week of doing it; the first week we played a bunch of fun group games together that I had remembered from friends/family/random youth activities, the second week we split up into groups and with given materials made devices to try and catch a dropped egg without it dropping, and tonight we are going to watch Ephraim’s Rescue which the AP’s translated into Korean for our Christmas Party this year.  Sometimes Family Home Evenings are poorly attended or take a super long time to prepare but ours has been going super well!
Well it has been a super great week here and an especially great moment for our newest member 박지훈 형제님.  It has really strengthened my testimony of baptism and reminded me of the importance of this ordinance, what we are working toward as missionaries, and the covenants that we have all made as members.  Our other investigators are progressing well and we are looking forward to more great things to come.
Have a wonderful week and know that all is good in Busan South Korea!
리스 장로

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