Less Actives, Member Missionary Work, and Busy Weekends



It has been another good week of missionary work in Korea! I dont think that thansgiving will be anything special here in korea but we were able to celebrate 추석 chuseok (Korean thanksgiving) and had a delicious meal with one of our members then so I am not complaining. 


This week Elder 이홍빈 and I have really worked a lot on searching out the less actives in our ward.  During our past member coordination meeting with our ward mission leader the ward has given us a list of people to search out and try to find and we have been busy doing a lot of that this week.  To give you an idea of the process we start by searching out the various addresses and locating them on the maps that we have in our apartment and try calling the phone numbers listed (if there is one).  After we find the address and put them all out on the maps we make a list of the people and addresses that we want to try to visit, take a picture of our map with our cameras to recheck if we get lost, and head out.  A lot of times when we try and find people they are either not home, have moved, or the building they live in no longer exists, but even though we havent been able to seriously meet with anyone yet, we have been able to confirm a few addresses and make steps in the right direction.  On Sunday our ward mission leader actually joined us in some of our searching and helped us by locacted addresses on his smart phone and driving us to them instead of walking.  We were not able to catch anyone at home but it was especially good because he even knew/remembered some of the people we tried to visit.  Mostly because the members are so busy we really havent been able to work a ton with our ward other than on the weekends, at activities, or with an occasional member lesson, but doing this type of work really showed me just how much more effective missionaries can be when working with the members.  


Despite lots of searching and contacting throughout the week, our weekend actually turned out to be quite busy.  On Saturday morning the Haeundae elders planned an activity where they play soccer and basketball at a local school with all of the members and investigators who are able to come.  We went and played with them and even though none of the members or 정대영 형재님 who we invited where able to come but I think it should be a good opportunity to get closer to some of our members and investigators and use it as a finding tool to invite potential investigators to as well.  Even though I am not good at either basketball or soccer it turned out to be a really fun time.  After that we returned to our ward building for the childrens english class that we teach and were suprised with a record turn out of around 6 kids.  The sisters teach the younger kids more basic english while elder Elder 이홍빈 and I teach a more advanced class, which even though it is more advanced, involves a lot of drawing pictures, writing stories, and playing games in english like hangman or simon says.  A lot of the time not very many people come to our childrens english class but this week a lot of the members came and even a new nonmember who the sisters might end up meeting with.  Just like our normal english class the class involves opening and closing prayers, an opening primary song, and a spiritual message (usually about something simple like love, prayer, or sharing).  Following the english class we cleaned the church (which the bishop has asked the missionaries to do because the members are so busy) helped at our ward youth meeting where they worked on singing the As Sisters in Zion/ Army of Helamen EFY medley in korean for an upcoming christmas meeting, ate, and played a Korean game called 오목, and finished off the day with English Class and a little bit of street 전도. 


One potentially exciting thing is that we have an appointment this week to meet with someone that we talked to on the street!  Recently with people not responding to our calls it is nice to have found someone who at least seems interested to sit down with us and talk about our church.  Talking to him he says that he attended a different church for a long time, but recognized us as missionaries and wanted to hear more about what we had to say. I dont know what will happen, and I think he may have said something about wanting to bring some friends from his church but I will keep you updated and we will see how it goes!


Things with Elder 이홍빈 are going really well and it continues to get easier as we get used to eachother and communicating effectively.  One things that I have really come to appreciate is that Elder 이홍빈  is an amazing cook. Especially when it comes to Curry.  Although Elder Luke and I ate well, and I can cook fried rice, ramen, curry, and some other basic things, Elder 이홍빈 has been showing me how to make legit Korean food and it has been great.  He has a cook book of all different kinds of curry (which i think is techniquely japanese curry) but today when we went shopping we bought everything needed to make chocolate curry so I am pretty excited for that. 


proof Elder 이홍빈 is a good cook.  Delicious Curry.  (We had to eat after planning at night because cooking took so long)

proof Elder 이홍빈 is a good cook. Delicious Curry. (We had to eat after planning at night because cooking took so long)

해운대 English class thanksgiving Potluck Party

해운대 English class thanksgiving Potluck Party

정대영 형재님 being a goon

정대영 형재님 being a goon

이기대 round two

이기대 round two

Not too much new this week but the work is moving forward!  I wish everyone a happy thanksgiving this week and eat some Turkey for me!




리스 장로


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