5ks, End of training, Zone Conference, and Lots of Hard Work

Hello Everyone!
Elder Luke and I rocking our sweet 5k tee shirts after running.  The back says "Korea Busan Mission: the Best Mission in the World"

Elder Luke and I rocking our sweet 5k tee shirts after running. The back says “Korea Busan Mission: the Best Mission in the World”

Doing my street contacting diligently, even on P day.  PMG says:  Talk With Everyone, right?

Doing my street contacting diligently, even on P day. PMG says: Talk With Everyone, right?

delicious 짱퐁 (Jam pong) lunch for P day in 남포 동 (Nampo-dong, basically a giant shopping district in Busan)

delicious 짱퐁 (Jam pong) lunch for P day in 남포 동 (Nampo-dong, basically a giant shopping district in Busan)

Today was a little bit crazy because we had a special P day together with all of our mission.  I think mostly becuase President Barrow and his family are huge runners we had yet another 5K today near the mission home in Busan.  Everyone from the mission was invited and they even flew in the missionaries from Jeju Island.  The event was super fun (or at least as fun as running can be) and even though I still got a pretty slow time (around 30) I beat my time from last time so I was happy.  It was also really great to see all the missionaries and especially everyone I was with in the MTC.  They also made everyone T shirts which were even better than I expected.  Combined with travel, shopping, haircuts, and cleaning the house it has been kind of a crazy day but a good one!
Elder Luke and I are continuing to work hard and things are continuing on.  There is only one week left of the transfer meaning that I have been in Korea for 11 weeks, crazy right?  It also means that I am almost done being trained!  This Thursday we are expecting a call from President/the AP’s telling us for one, which one of us is transfering and secondly where he is going.  I think it is usually more common for the trainer to leave the first area (at least in our mission) so that is kind of what I expect but we’ll have to wait and see!  Because things are coming down to the end of our time together Elder Luke and I have been trying to be prepared to leave the area as best as we can and do all the work that we need to.  It is kind of scary for me to be completely in charge of directions, investigators, members, and all the goings on in our area with a new companion but I am also sure i can do it.  We’ll have to see what happens by my next email!
Another highlight of the week were that we have a big zone conference.  We had a mission tour last transfer (not sure if I wrote about it) but the meeting this week was a long (almost all day) meeting where we heard from president and sister barrow, our zone leaders and sister training leaders and all 3 of the AP’s.  It was full of lots of talks and also teaching practices.  One of the teaching practices we even did by teaching church members that were invited to participate.  I learned a lot and try to get as much out of and apply everything I can from these meetings.
Another special thing in our area this week is the Gwangan Fireworks Festival.  If you can, google that and see what the pictures look like.  Basically it is this huge festival where they do fireworks and music and lights for like an hour off of the Gwangalli bridge. It is one of the biggest things in Busan and people come from all around, Seoul and even other countries.  We were wondering if we would be invited to go watch with any of our investigators or members, but nothing came up and we decided to teach english class during the fireworks so I actually didnt get to see any of the show (price of an obedient missionary right?). Only about 10 people showed up to class but we taught class and heard the explosions from outside the building.  Luckily we avoided most of it but there was TONS of people and police everywhere.  Sometimes it is easy to forget how many people live just in my area alone and how blessed I am to be in such a cool area of the mission.
I went on exchanges this week with one of our zone leaders, Elder Vilchis, this week as well.  I have been to Haeundae a few times and I really enjoy working with Elder Vilchis and had a good time meeting with one of their investigators, going to their english class, and seeing a different part of the mission.  I have had the opportunity to go on lots of exchanges with my companion being district leader and it truly is a great opportunity to learn new things and see how people do things slightly differently.  I am sure I will learn even more about this as I have more companions!
Other than these things the work has been pretty normal and actually kind of slower than normal this week.  We were only able to meet with our progressing investigators a few times, and this pool of progressing investigators is actually kind of small (currently about 2), which of course means lots of going out every day and trying to find new people.  Sometimes when we plan our day and find that we just have a block of 8 hours to fill with different finding it can be hard but I also know that it is important.  When I first got here in Gwangan we were working with lots of people but they were really long term investigators who were not really progressing.  As we have been focusing more on finding and searching it has meant harder work and we havent found any incredible new people to work with yet but we are working hard and doing all we can.  I have a testinmony that as we try to act by the spirit and be as obedient to the Mission rules and the teachings of Preach My Gospel as I can things will turn out for the best.
Wish me the best as I finish out this last week with Elder Luke!  Things are going well and we are doing all that we can. I wish you the best week and hope that you remember the truth of the gospel and know of my testimony of missionary work.
Have a great week!
Much Love,
Elder Lees

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