Safely in Korea


Nate with his Mission President and his wife!

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I have just a few minutest to let everyone know that I have made it safely to Korea!  After a long day of flying and a luckily inconsequential delay in Salt Lake City we arrived in Busan last night around 9 O’clock.  It was probably the longest day of travel I have ever had.  All of the flights were good and fairly uneventful.  We flew on Korean Air from San Francisco to Seoul where I had my first run in with Korean food (actually pretty good, and it was on an airplane) and then flew from Seoul to Busan.  We had sunlight with us pretty much the entire flight and even though the time change is pretty dramatic I slept most of the flights and actually feel pretty adjusted.  We had no problems with bags or customs or anything which was great as well.
We were met at the Busan airport by the Assistants to the President, the office elders, and President Barrow and his family.  As it was late we were driven back to the mission home which is in a complex in Busan including a church building, the mission office, president Barrow’s home, and an apartment above it all for the elders.  Even though I slept most of the trip we went right to bed and now today have a day full of training and paperwork and proselyting.  I feel surprisingly adjusted to the time here which is an great blessing.
Ill have to give more details later but know that everything is well and I am beyond excited.  I am confident everything will go well and feel less and less apprehension every moment.  All of the elders (american and native), members, and President Barrow are amazing and kind.  Busan is beautiful, albeit hot, humid, and kind of weird smelling.
I’ll have more to say my next preparation day for sure but stay tuned for when I meet my trainer and find out my first area!
Elder Lees

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